CLiP Modular System

Like all the best ideas, the CLiP system is simple; just two components, a panel with built-in clips and a pole.

Likened to adult Lego®, CLiP enables you to reconfigure your exhibition stand depending on your stand size and budget. A lifetime guarantee on the clip enables your stand to grow with your own exhibition needs. From a small display unit through to a fully serviced exhibition stand, the only limitations with CLiP are your imagination.

Features and Benefits:

Build the stand yourself - the CLiP modular system delivers a professional look on budget without any of the associated problems and cost of self assembly. Independently tested for its structural rigidity, the technology that gives you a lightweight and portable display is also child's play to assemble.

Made to fit your space - The CLiP modular system can be adapted and reconfigured to suit any space or exhibition requirement. The same versatile components can be used to create new and exciting stand designs for each show in your exhibition calendar.

Evolves with your business - As your business grows and your exhibiting requirements change, new components can be seemlessly integrated with your existing kit, giving you the freedom to create a fresh new look for your stand each time you use it.

The CLiP modular system is recognised throughout Europe as the most versatile, designer friendly exhibition and display solution available. Clip's network of sales and support offices provides all the necessary services to transform a simple system into a prestigious, memorable stand.